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Monday November 24th 2014

The Fine Art of the Launch

Most new product introductions don’t get close to meeting their goals. Jack Gordon reported in New Products Magazine his research that found nearly 95% of new product introductions failed. What's lost is more than just time and money. An organization that attempts a launch or two or three and achieves continued poor results also loses its confidence. A culture of failure sets in. “We don’t do launches well.” This culture begets fear of attempting anything new. (more)

R&D is cut back. Profits must be wrung out of existing products and services and endless hacking at overhead. Eventually the organization will strangle itself to death. (cough—H.P.—cough.) On the other hand, what happens when an organization is confident it can get the most out of every launch? Growth. Innovation. Grace. Apple. So how can your organization become “launch confident”? You’ve really got two options: you can invest mightily to internally improve your launch skills and capacities, or you can outsource to the experts. That’s where The Agency for Social Media comes in. We are your one-stop branding, marketing, and communications team. We are masters at the art of the launch, from researching what the needs are of your potential customers, to understanding your competition, to creating brands that are the genuine expression of your identity, to finding the best uses of all the media to build communities for you and your products — so that your success is not in just this one attempt, but builds an ever-growing eager and trusting audience in the future. To become a thriving organization, yours needs to recognize the reality that you are constantly launching something: new services, new campaigns, new internal practices, new products and brand extensions. Your organization needs to understand the process of the diffusion of innovation, from the development of the new product to follow-on service that continues throughout the entire product lifecycle. If we like what your vision is and we believe we can help, then we will guide you to becoming consistent launch masters. How to start? It’s not difficult. Give us a call, and let’s set your trajectory. [Read More]

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